De bond voor natural bodybuilding

Physically Challenged

Evaluation criteria:

It assessed: the symmetry, muscularity and definition (i.e. not extreme, which could look as being too shredded), the overall impression and presentation. The overall impression and performance of an athlete should be likable and energetic, should exude strength and enjoyment. It is also evaluated alteration of epidermis.


1st round – Semifinal (prejudging)
– Symmetry round
– Muscularity round (mandatory poses – if possible)
2nd round – Final
– Muscularity round
– Posedown
– Awards presentation


– Standing category
– Wheelchair category

Description of the various rounds of the competition

1st round – Semi-Finals
Symmetry round
Competitors line up in numerical order facing judges and perform four quarter turns (if necessary they may be assisted by their coach).
Muscularity round
Based on the requirements of individual judge, competitors are asked to perform some of the seven mandatory poses (defined by the head judge upon the request of judges) – Front double biceps, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest, Back Double Biceps, Back Lat Spread, triceps Side, Abdominal and Thighs

2nd round – Final
Muscularity round
Finalists make all mandatory poses at once (no calling out). The score of final round is added to the score of prejudging.

The host of the event can announce the posedown of a category. It is not judged, it is only entertainment for audience and a chance for competitors to present themselves on stage.

Clothes for all rounds: loose sweatpants, which must meet the following criteria:
1. The contestant may choose a material and color
2. Neither tight nor elastic clothing is allowed
3. Neither logos of sponsors nor clubs are allowed –only manufacturer’s logo is allowed.
4. Neither jewelry nor other accessories are allowed
Shoes – sport shoes
Skin color – it is recommended Pro Tan or any other spray tan