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Physically Challenged

Judging criteria: 

This category is intended for sporty women and girls who are physically challenged. Wheelchair and standing category can be mixed.  It focuses primarily on body proportionality and symmetry of the competitor’s body (the balance of the upper and lower body). It does not put emphasis on separation of individual muscle groups, muscle mass and definition. Turns and poses should have modeling character, relaxed without tensing up muscles. The whole body must have balanced and naturally harmonious image. A competitor should exude physical attraction, self-confidence, charm and sex appeal. A competitor should have good posture, appropriate alteration of epidermis and hair, makeup and accessories. 

foto: Kylie van Roeijen tijdens het INBA WK in 2014

Dress code for all rounds: 

Clothing for all rounds is determined by the following criteria:

1. Two-piece bikini. 

2. Color, material and structure are up to competitors. 

3. Thong bikinis are not allowed, it has to cover about one third of the gluteus and the entire front area. 

4. Competitors have to wear high heels of any style and color. The thickness of platform must not exceed 50 mm. The height of heels must not exceed 150 mm. 

5. Hair can be styled. 

6. Epidermis should look natural with healthy tan. It is recommended to use tanning color (we recommend Pro Tan), shimmering effects are not prohibited. 

7. Jewels are allowed in case they are elegant. 

8. The head judge has the right to assess whether the clothing of competitor is acceptable. 

Description of the various rounds of the competition 

1st round – Semi-Finals (prejudging)

Competitors are lined up in numerical order facing judges. Competitors perform four quarter turns to the right according to commands made by the head judge. 

At least two and no more than five of competitors are compared at once. The head judge, at his discretion, rejects or corrects judges’ requirements for comparison. All comparisons are placed in the middle of the stage and in order from left to right according to judges’ decision. Each judge has the right to submit at least one request for comparisons. Every competitor undergoes at least one comparison. 

This comparison is carried out as follows:

Face front: Competitors stand one hand resting on the hip and one leg extended forward and slightly to the side. 

Quarter turn to the right: 

Competitors stand left side to judges, upper body slightly turned toward judges, looking at judges, left hand resting on the left hip, thighs are not tensed. 

Quarter turn to the right: 

Competitors perform next quarter turn to the right and stand back to judges. Feet are apart, no more than 30 cm. One hand relaxed on the hip, the other hand is relaxed along the body. They stand straight, not leaning the upper body toward judges. 

Quarter turn to the right: 

Competitors stand right side to the judges, upper body slightly turned toward judges, looking at judges. Right hand resting on the right hip, thighs are not tensed. 

Quarter turn to the right = Face front: 

Competitors perform last quarter turn to the right and turn back to the front relaxed pose. 

Turns and poses should have modeling character, relaxed without tensing up muscles. 

Assessing in the 1st round:

The first round is evaluated using the following criteria: 

1. Overall athletic appearance of the physique, the overall impression, hair, beauty of a face, overall development and shape of a body, presenting reasonably balanced and symmetrically developed figure, state of epidermis and its tone, ability to present themselves with confidence, self-control and elegance. 

2. The figure is judged based on the level of overall muscle tone achieved by working out and adequate nutrition. The muscle groups should have a nice and firm appearance with a small amount of body fat. The figure should be neither excessively muscular nor excessively skinny without separation and muscles being ripped. The figure, which is considered too muscular or with too defined muscle groups, must be assessed with lower score. 

3. Firmness and tone of epidermis. It should be smooth and healthy looking, without cellulite. Face, hair and make – up should complement the overall impression presented by a competitor. 

4. The Presentation of competitors from the point they come to the stage to the moment they leave the stage. The competitor of bikini fitness category must always leave the impression of an attractive, healthy and sporty woman. 

5. Competitors should have proportional muscle development and it is not required to have excessive muscle separation and definition. Each competitor that exhibits mentioned properties is assessed with lower score. 

Round 2 – Final (T-walk or T-ride in bikini)

– Evaluation of T-walk (30% points) 

Top 6 finalists from the semi-final advance to the finals, which consist of one round (wearing two-piece bikini). 

2nd round is as follows:

1. The top 6 finalists are called to the stage one by one in numerical order and each performs T – walk: including poses from Bikini category. 

Then the competitor walks to the base line at the back of the stage. 

2. After individual presentations all competitors stand in the middle of the stage in one line and in numerical order. 

3. Then they perform four quarter turns. 

4. After that finalists are asked to leave the stage. 

Awards presentation 

1. The top 6 competitors are called onstage. 

2. Six finalists in order from 6th place to 1st place are awarded with prizes. 

3. At championships, top three finalists receive gold, silver and bronze medal. 

Clothing – Competitors in this category, wear a two-piece bikini of any color, no thong cut, must cover about 1/3 of the gluteus and the entire front. Bikini should represent the sense of fashion and design (style). 

Shoes – high heels (the thickness of the platform must not exceed 50 mm, heel height must not be higher than 150 mm). 

Skin color – it is recommended Pro Tan or any other spray tan 


In case there are too many athletes i.e. more than 12 in one class, judges’ committee can make a decision to execute elimination round. Right after athletes come on stage, they are judged in quarter turns, relaxed poses or in small groups will be asked to perform compulsory poses. According to performed comparisons, judges choose 12 athletes who get to semifinal round. 


Competitors have to get registered in sports attire and in posing suits with a registration form and a membership card. Competitors pay entry fee and drug test fee at the registration. The registration is accessible only to competitors. Coach receives a coach tag which must be worn at all times. In case a coach or a competitor is asked, they have to identify themselves with the ID card.