De bond voor natural bodybuilding

Body Building Juniors


Criteria of judging

It is evaluated sporty appearance, symmetry of a figure, muscularity and well balanced muscle groups, being cut appropriately (i.e. not extremely, which could look as being too shredded), state of epidermis (its tone), and the ability of performing on the stage with confidence.

The overall impression and performance of an athlete should be likable and energetic, should exude strength and enjoyment. It is also evaluated alteration of epidermis i.e. color, shine, also pattern and cleanliness of swim wear (they have to cover more than a half of bottom). You should not forget your haircut, facial expressions should be appropriate as well as your posing.

Skin has to be shaved and tanned. We recommend Pro Tan products.


Procedure for competition:

1. Round – semifinal (prejudging)

– contestants are evaluated in quarterturns

– contestants are evaluated in mandatory poses

2. Round – semifinal (prejudging)

– posing routine (max. 60 seconds)

3. Round – finals

– contestants are evaluated in mandatory poses

– posing routine (max. 60 seconds)

– posedown

– awards presentation


Description of various rounds of the competition

1st round – Semi-Finals (prejudging)

Symmetry round

Competitors line up in numerical order facing judges and perform four quarter turns according to orders of the head judge. “Quarter turn to the right!”

Muscularity round

Based on requirements of an individual judge, competitors are called out and compared, minimum two and maximum four competitors in the following mandatory poses:

a) Front double biceps

b) Front Lat Spread

c) Side Chest

d) Back Double Biceps

e) Back Lat Spread

f) Side Triceps

g) Abdominalis and Thighs

h) Most Muscular

All individual comparisons are made at the center of the stage. Competitors line up according to judge’s requirements. Every competitor undergoes at least one comparison.

2nd round – Finals

Posing routine

Length of the posing routine can last up to 60 seconds. Posing dress code – Posing suit. Time runs from the first tone of music, not from the first pose. The music as well as posing of a competitor is stopped after 60 seconds, therefore it is necessary to prepare the posing routine the way that no poses are made after 60 seconds. During the posing routine competitors should present their physique and show the best poses in which they excel and can handle perfectly. Presentation should be mastered choreographically, spatially and transitions should be coherent. Posing routine should include not only standing poses, but also kneeling, side and rear poses. Music selection should represent competitor’s temperament, but also the ability to keep rhythm. Competitors should try to leave an impression on the judges and the audience. Besides bodybuilding poses, competitor can also use some of their individual abilities, which should not prevail over bodybuilding ones, as it is not a competition of fitness but bodybuilding.

3rd round – Final

Muscularity round

According to results from previous rounds only 5 top competitors from the semi-finals (prejudging) make it to the finals.

Finalists make all mandatory poses at once (no calling out). The score of final round is added to the score of prejudging.

Posedown (free posing)

The host of the event can announce the posedown of a category. It is not judged, it is only entertainment for audience and a chance for competitors to present themselves on stage.

Overall winner

After the awarding ceremony of the last bodybuilding category, all winners of bodybulding categories are brought on stage. They are compared in mandatory poses and posedown is performed. Following that the overall winner is announced and awarded.

Awards presentation

The announcement of winners:

1. The top 5 competitors are called onstage, in a numerical order.

2. Top 5 finalists are awarded with prizes in order from 5th place to 1st place.

3. At championships (not cups), top three finalists receive gold, silver and bronze medals.

 Dress code

Posing suit, which must meet the following criteria:

1. Opaque.

2. Color, material and structure are up to competitors.

3. No decorations, trim on the edges, embroidery edges or hems.

4. The minimum height of sides is 1 cm and it covers at least half of gluteus maximus and the whole front.

5. No jewelry or other accessories.

6. No equipment allowed.

Shoes – Male categories – not allowed

Skin color – it is recommended Pro Tan or any other spray tan



In case there are too many athletes i.e. more than 12 in one class, judges’ committee can make a decision to execute elimination round. Right after athletes come on stage, they are judged in quarter turns, relaxed poses or in small groups will be asked to perform compulsory poses. According to performed comparisons, judges choose 12 athletes who get to semifinal round.


Competitors have to get registered in sports attire and in posing suits with a registration form and a membership card. Competitors pay entry fee and drug test fee at the registration. The registration is accessible only to competitors. Coach receives a coach tag which must be worn at all times. In case a coach or a competitor is asked, they have to identify themselves with the ID card.

Athletes in categories, where posing routine is performed are required to upload their music to the electronic system along with their entry form!



 Juniors (18-23 years old)