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Bikini Mama's

You must have had children, we may split the division by time since birth of last child, as in less than 2 years, 2-5 year’s, 5+ year’s at the discretion of the promoter.

Judging Criteria

The judges will be looking for a combination of these objectives:

1  Beauty – overall cosmetic appearance, photogenic, skin tone and sex appeal.

2  Poise and General Impression – overall grooming, personality, self assurance, composure and walk.

3  Muscle Tone & Definition – overall muscle tone and NO muscle separation. The judges are NOT looking for muscle mass or “ripped to the bone,” extreme striations or the vascularity of a bodybuilder or a figure competitor. They are looking for shapely and toned bodies.

4  Symmetry & Proportion – overall structural harmony of the figure relative to the shape and size of various body parts and proportional balance of opposite body parts. The upper and lower extremities should flow aesthetically when viewed from all sides creating a balanced and symmetrical appearance.

5  The competitors should display a very sexy and feminine attitude and keep a relaxed posture. There is NO FLEXING allowed. This is not a Bodybuilding or Figure competition.


1               This category has one round of judging.

2               The Bikini Mamas are allowed to wear jewelry such as earrings and belly rings. Appropriate footwear must also be worn. Each competitor will be given an overall score in each round with an overall tabulation of points between all rounds.


1               Division 1 – Within 1 year of giving birth

2               Division 2 – Within 2 years of giving birth

3               Division 3 – 2-5 years of giving birth

T Walk/ I Walk

Beginning from stage left the competitor will proceed to the back center of the stage, pause facing the audience, walk towards the front of the stage (front center), pause, head to the back center of the stage, pause, exit stage from the same side they started (exit stage left) – Keep in mind a Diva Attitude.

This is the competitor’s time to show off their physique in the best light to the judges and the audience. The competitor is encouraged to add in their personality and have fun.

The Pre-judging is where the scoring mainly takes place however if your class is close this is the judges last time to see you. So yes, the night show does count.

NO music is needed, INBA will provide it.

Overall Comparisons – If the division has more than one class the winners of each class will be compared in the same fashion as Pre-judging to determine the Overall Winner.